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How to Throw an Office Celebration

Whether you’re celebrating a baby on the way, tying the knot, finishing a marathon or recognizing another huge life accomplishment, supporting coworkers’ personal milestones will improve office morale and create a positive, encouraging environment.


1. Location, location, location. Decide whether the occasion calls for a quick get together in the conference room or if your supervisor is willing to accommodate a long lunch catered in the office or at a nearby restaurant. Strategically matching the location with the occasion you’re celebrating will help make the most of everyone’s time while still recognizing an outstanding coworker.

2. Small, budget-friendly details. Decorate with an inexpensive tablecloth, fun-colored balloons, confetti or streamers and all of a sudden, you’ve got yourself the ingredients for a simple, but sweet party and more importantly, you’ve transformed your run-of-the-mill conference room into a budget-friendly party space.

3. Food always wins. Everybody loves a little pick-me-up, especially when it comes in the form of food or drink. When celebrating a milestone, providing a little sparkling cider, sweet treats or even a catered lunch gives employees time to socialize, congratulate the guest of honor in a relaxed setting and enjoy a delightful refreshment before going back to work.

4. Pool your money. For brides and grooms and moms and dads-to-be, collect $5-$10 from each member of your office to put toward a more expensive item on the honorees registry. They’ll appreciate the gesture and not get stuck with a hodgepodge of gifts they don’t need. 


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