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Hosting a Lunch to Pitch Your Business? Know Your Audience.

Dress the part: If they’re suit wearing people, wear a suit.

Talk the talk: Familiarize yourself with industry acronyms and key players in their industry. Humor when presenting is always a welcome addition, but know your limits. (F-bomb, not so much – unless your audience is Sharon Osborne.)

Food for thought: Provide a catering option that meets the needs of a wide range of dietary preferences: gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, etc.

Leave-Behinds & Take-Aways: If you want your audience to remember three things about your presentation what would they be? How can you represent those ideas in a unique and meaningful way? A jump drive or spiral bound power point will likely be thrown away or filed to never be seen again. How can you standout?

Always Be Closing: In addition to the obligatory “thank you for your time, here is a link to more info” email, wait three weeks and send a note in reference to something personal you gathered from your lunch meeting. Such as “I know you love dogs, thought you’d enjoy this silly YouTube video.” 

Photo credit: Thinkstock Photos by Getty Images

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